Monday, December 5, 2011


LSP is pleased to announce our new collaborator Alex Coghe.
Alex is a street photographer known internationally. He has collaborated on many projects and has written several articles on international magazines.

Freelance Photographer currently based on Mexico City. Born in Rome in 1975, essentially a Street Photographer.

Founder of 2 communities dedicated to Street Photography: SPC (Italian language) and The Decisive Moment (English) he deals with developing this kind of photography.
Currently correspondent from Mexico for Prisma News, a national information periodic. Many articles were published for important daily newspapers, Il Giornale, La Stampa and also for The Leica Camera Blog. He works on assignment for The Telegraph.
Owner of a Street Photography School in Mexico City, SP WS.
In 2011 he is one of the involved photographers to the international street photography competition You Are Here, in Los Angeles, California.
Strong advocate of sharing photographic knowledge.

I started naturally drawn from this photographic genre. If I think of my beginnings with photography I see it as a workout to start doing street photography. Now I also do other kinds of photography, but when i think to photography i think only to street photography. 
How do i shot in the streets? Trying to escape from the clich├ęs. Making me transport by the energy that i feel in the street and trying to make it my own to transmit it through my shots.
The street photography for me is the essence of photography: it is to capture real life without re-creating anything, it is move closer to reality and simultaneously run away from this. I seek the surreal, the moment you do not expect or sometimes just the beauty of life.
The camera must be an extension of the heart and mind and at the end of the hand that holds it. I think a compact camera is perfect for my street. Nothing reflex: yes to mirrorless and P&S.
I am inspired by everything that says something new. I am so much influenced by contemporary photographers such as the masters. For the masters i would like to quote Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand and Helen Levitt. There are some great contemporary, but I would like to cite one for all: Charlie Kirk. His photographic approach has conquered me. Many compare him to Bruce Gilden, and he himself has admitted to being influenced. But i I think that his approach and his research is different. And i don’t like do much Bruce Gilden...
I love Daido Moryama, a real genius.
My next projects: I'm working to spread the culture of this photographic genre in Italy and Mexico. Work not easy. I created a school for this (SP WS) and am giving workshops. 
And then my blog: in 35mm... I want it to grow with contents that no one offers. The series of interviews with the great contemporaries street photographers is a clear choice in this sense. 

Camera used:

Olympus Pen E-P1
Samsung NX200
Panasonic Lumix LX3
Panasonic GH2

Alex Coghe :

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